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Luxury Wedding Albums

Throughout history, wedding albums have served as an essential record of a family’s history. Wedding albums also make a wonderful heirloom to pass down from one generation to another. Most don’t think that far ahead, but by purchasing a wedding album, they are contributing to their family history. Wedding albums are simply timeless and can preserve memories for many years to come.


14 sizes from 8×12” to 18×14”


7 options from lustre to HD glossy


22 options from linen to leather

Custom made wedding albums

Every wedding album is made à la carte by our artisans.


You can use our 3D configurator to design it, controlling every detail or simply modifying your own templates.

Panoramic flush mount

The flush mount pages to allow using panoramic spreads as opposed to the rigid and boring traditional way.

wedding albums

Luxury materials

Whether you love full grain leather or natural fibers, crystal clear acrylic or eco leather our range will let you design a one of a kind heirloom. A lifetime warranty and the Italian-made wow factor complete the package perfectly.

Smaller Albums

Have you ever considered smaller copies of the main album, ideal for bride and groom parents, witnesses, friends and much more? The amazing variety of formats, bindings, papers and even cover upgrades gives you endless possibilities. Best part: you don’t need to do anything! We take care of it, using the same layout you provide for the main volume.

Parent or Family albums

Flush mount (continuous binding) 4×5” (10x13cm), 6×8” (15x20cm), 8×12” (20x30cm) vertical, square and landscape.