The Top 5 Places to Have a Wedding Photo Shoot in Montreal: A Couple’s Guide

There comes a time in every couple’s relationship when we ask yourselves, “Now what?”. If you have been together for some time, more than likely you answered: “Get married!” Planning a wedding is challenging enough, so we decided to help you! We know one theme that will come up: where to have your wedding photoshoot in Montreal. So here’s what we’ve come up with. Obviously, Montreal is the perfect place to have your wedding photo shoot. But where? What are the best places to help set the tone and scene for your upcoming nuptials? With loads of green spaces and hidden gardens, there are so many perfect places to have your photos hoot and capture some of the most beautiful photos from your wedding day. So let’s take a look at the top 5 locations for your perfect wedding
photoshoot in Montreal. Remember to do your research before you show up, photographer in tow!

Making a Statement: Notre-Dame Basilica

This place is a must for any couple who wants to create an impact. The cathedral is a feast for the eyes and so rich in history. If you are looking to incorporate some history in your photo shoot, the Basilica delivers. It was raised to the rank of minor basilica by Pope John Paul II in 1982 and designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1989. Its religious, historical and artistic importance makes it a treasure of Quebec’s heritage and one of the most visited sites in Montreal. That being said you will want to research carefully the best time to head over there for your
wedding day photo shoot.

From Make-out Spot to Wedding Day Must: Le Mont Royal Lookout

There are many places to have your wedding photoshoot at Mount Royal, but one of the most popular places is near Beaver Lake. This is a great option for those who want to do something unique and incorporate some quintessential Montreal in their special day and in
their wedding photo shoot. So what are the advantages of having your photo shoot at Mount Royal? First of all, talk about something unique! It’s a spot we all know and love. Second, it has a beautiful view of the city. Third, you can choose from many different backgrounds, and think of the beauty in every season!

Eclectic Quintessential Montreal: St-Henri

St-Henri is located in Le Sud-Ouest Borough of Montreal, and became a part of the City of Montreal in 1905. This place is perfect for a couple who wants to have their photo shoot be as natural as possible or even as whimsical and rich in history! St Henri is a vibrant
neighbourhood and can be as loud and fun or as minimalist as any couple wishes it to be. A St-Henri wedding photo shoot can include the famous Chateau St Ambroise or even the beautiful Atwater Market for a more rustic touch. It is the perfect place to go if you want to
get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What makes it perfect for a wedding photo shoot is that you can have different backgrounds such as breathtaking water views or even iconic skyline views. You can have the beautiful Lachine Canal as your background or you can opt for any luscious grass fields in a local park with a beautiful view of the city. From funky murals to cute gardens, St Henri is a great spot to commemorate your love of each other – and our awesome city!

Cultural Perspective: The Montreal Botanical Garden

There are many advantages to having your wedding photo shoot at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. First, it is less crowded than you might think. Allowing you some space and privacy on your special day. With a variety of beautiful backdrops that you and your wedding
photographer can curate together. What better way to celebrate love than in a spot that can transport you to any garden in the world. Easily accessible from anywhere in the city, the Montreal Botanical Garden is a great choice for couples on their special day.

Stunning Views and Rich History: Saint-Joseph’s Oratory

History buffs, this is your spot! Whether you are getting married here or not, you will have a magnificent view of the city. From manicured grounds and breathtaking iconic architecture, St-Joseph’s Oratory is a beloved spot in Montreal and will surely add something magical to your wedding day photo shoot.

Final Thoughts
There are so many other places that you can choose from for your wedding day photo shoot in Montreal. From hidden gems within the city to vast spaces just beyond the bridges. As you shop wedding photographers, ask them what their favourite spots are. If they are
experienced and knowledgeable, not only will they share their favourite spots but also why! Remember to trust the experts you hire and have fun! All you have to do is to pick the place that suits your personality and taste.