The Top 3 Most Spectacular Wedding Photo Shoot Backdrops In Montreal

Even though there are many things that go into planning a wedding, it’s the details that really set the event apart. While most people will focus on the food, the dress, and all of the other little things that make up a wedding day, you know that your photos from this special occasion will be something you treasure for years to come. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead when it comes to your wedding photography. Where will you get these photos taken? How can you make them stand out? And what kind of photo shoot locations are available in your city with the cutest backdrops? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before locking down an awesome photo shoot location. Options are limitless, from rustic barns just outside the city to lavender fields and museums. Your wedding photo shoot backdrops can be as natural or unique as you are! Let’s explore our choices for the top 3 most spectacular wedding photo shoot backdrops in Montreal. 

Lachine Canal 

L:et’s get serious! The Lachine Canal is one of the most beautiful and iconic locations in all of Montreal. This open-air museum is one of the few canals in the world that is still in operation, and it’s the perfect place to visit no matter what time of year. Whether you visit in the summer or winter, there will be a spectacular view of the city’s skyline that will make for a truly unforgettable photo shoot. If you’re planning a summer wedding, the Lachine Canal is the perfect place to go for a classic Montreal photoshoot with a breathtaking backdrop. You can take pictures next to the water and explore the site’s many pathways. To really add a bit of a unique touch to your pictures, consider bringing along a pair of inline skates. You and your groom can take a spin around the canal and make some truly memorable photos! Why not rent a boat? What a stunning backdrop idea for your Montreal wedding! 

A Montreal Rooftop 

What could be more romantic than a rooftop photoshoot in the city? You and your groom can explore the top of a building that overlooks the city skyline, like the Nelligan hotel, and you can snap some incredible photos while you’re up there. There are many rooftop bars and restaurants in Montreal that you can visit to take advantage of this spectacular photoshoot location. You’ll be able to snap some amazing pictures of the city from above, and you’ll create memories that will be unique and last a lifetime. If you and your groom like to go out on the town when you’re in Montreal, there are plenty of rooftop bars and restaurants where you can go for a drink. From there, you can head up to the roof to take some photos. You can ask the venue to turn on their lights and illuminate the city below, and you can take photos that will be truly one of a kind. 

The Old Port of Montreal 

A stunning blend of culture, history and oh so much cuteness! The Old Port of Montreal is one of the most iconic photo shoot locations in all of Canada. This is a place that has been used in countless wedding photos, and it’s sure to give your photographer countless photoshoot ideas. The entire scene is a beautiful backdrop, no effort required. You can also walk across the Jacques Cartier Bridge that spans the water, and you can snap some truly breathtaking photos near the clocktower. The Old Port of Montreal for a casual photo shoot is great any time of year, and it will always look spectacular. You can walk across the bridge and explore the waterfront below or expand your views and include the famous Montreal – La Grande Roue! How cute is that!? 

Nature is a magical backdrop 

If you’re looking for a unique photo shoot location, consider going outside and taking your photos in nature. There are many places in Montreal that have stunning landscapes and foliage that will look incredible in your wedding photos. You can explore the Botanical Gardens in Montreal or go on a hike in a nearby park such as Lafontaine or Milton and snap some photos with a truly natural and magical backdrop.. You can also visit a wildlife sanctuary near the city and take photos beside animals such as deer, bunnies, or even peacocks! If you want your photos to stand out, consider taking them outside, Park Omega makes for quite a stunning backdrop. You really don’t have to go that far from the city to get a truly nature filled backdrop. Parc Jean Drapeau offers many trails and backdrops to fit your style. 


There are many things to consider when planning your wedding, but none are more important than your wedding photos. After all, it’s these pictures that will help you relive the joy of this special day for the rest of your life. With that in mind, it’s important to plan ahead when it comes to your photography. Where will you get these photos taken? How can you make them stand out? And what kind of photoshoot locations are available in your city? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before locking down an awesome photoshoot location with a frame worthy backdrop. With that in mind, we hope that you’ve found the information in this article helpful. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members who are also getting married!